javascript driving game demo
DiStraction is a JavaScript/WebGL demo that will let you play with a DS3 in a very simplified world. Of course, it requires a (somewhat) recent browser to support WebGL, and a graphics card... Contact regarding this demo: I am Lerige at Babylon.js forum

How to play

You can choose to drive freely, or try to catch all the checkpoints scattered over the map as fast as possible.

The keys to control the car:

Resources and credits

This demo has been made with free tools and resources.

API and code

The 3D library is Babylon.js written by David Catuhe, David Rousset and plenty of other developers.

The physics engine Cannon.js is by Stefan Hedman.

For the tree generator, I've reused Julian Chenard excellent code at

Some UI elements are made with iCheck and FPSMeter.

3D models

The car is a Citroën DS3 from

Paris significant buildings come from website:


Extra buildings and ground have been made with Blender.

Sky and ground textures were designed with Gimp.

Finally, the code was written with Brackets.